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Pain-Free Homebirth

Looking back, it was amazing and thrilling. I could trust my body to do what it was designed for and steer my thoughts to get in line with it. Thank you, Karen, for gathering so much information on this topic and combining it, lining it up with the word of God.

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Fast, Pain-Free Hospital Birth

Even though I had felt his head and knew my body was clearly ready to push, I still couldn’t really believe that I was about to push a baby out of me, It had only been like 5 hours!

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Victory Over Hyperemesis and a 3-Hour, Joyful Birth

My husband, with the help of our midwife, was able to help deliver our beautiful daughter at 2:31 am almost 3 hours exactly from my first contraction. A few minutes after the delivery, my placenta came out beautifully and with no complications!

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Overcoming Fear For an Empowering, Pain-Free Birth

I love that I really owned this birth. I didn’t allow anything to be robbed or stolen from me in this birth. I love my proud feeling of how I did it. And I love hearing my husband talk about this birth and about how giving birth is the most powerful and the most feminine thing that exists in creation, I love that this birth did not just empower me, but also empowered my husband in how he sees women and births.

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McKayla’s Birth Story

My midwife handed my son to me through my legs so that I could turn over and sit down. My husband sat behind me so I could lean back on him. I held my sweet baby boy as I delivered my placenta within about 5 minutes of delivery.

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Supernatural Birth Experience

It was the most surreal and incredible feeling. I remember looking over at my husband all teary-eyed and kissing him. As our little boy was laying on my chest, my husband and I held hands and began to thank God for the perfect delivery and the health of our baby boy.

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3 Keys to a Pain-Free Birth

Karen gives away her top 3 secrets to a pain free birth, you will not believe it’s free! Come ready to take notes, and don’t forget the tissues. You do not want to miss this!