At Pain Free Birth, our mission is to change the culture of birth so that women are no longer afraid of birth, but feel confident and excited about what their body is designed to do!

Yes, Mama, you can have an empowering, ecstatic, even pain free birth!​

If you are ready to get to the root of your fears, reconnect to your body and your baby, and FINALLY feel prepared for birth, click below to learn more about our programs:


Discover Birth The Way God Designed It

Physiological birth is what your body is designed to do. Learn how to partner WITH your body, rather than fighting AGAINST it in the Pain Free Birth E-Course.


Fall In Love With The Postpartum Period!

Don’t neglect Postpartum Preparation! Many Mom’s spend most of their time preparing for birth, but fail to prepare for postpartum, only to regret it later.

This is the only Postpartum course that teaches the spiritual side of the “Fourth Trimester” and how to partner with your body’s God-Given wisdom! 

I cannot thank you enough for the massive support you have been through my pregnancy and postpartum. Your words of wisdom and encouragement on my toughest days were exactly what I needed. I will be forever grateful for our relationship!

– Katherine C.

I don’t have words to describe it, but you were such an integral part of my baby’s birth! You are very inspiring and your presence was exactly what I wanted in this birth. I pretty much knew this when we first met and had few worries after that. I love my birth and I am so grateful you were there! 

– Laura D.