Peaceful Birth in the Midst of a Storm

January 18, 2020

Christi’s Birth Story (Birth #2)

I want to give you some context for my birth video. It is peaceful and beautiful, but this has been the hardest year of my life. I feel like I cried 90% of my pregnancy. In May of this year, my husband, daughter and I moved into my parent’s house to help care for my mom. She and I were unbelievably close and in June she passed away. We decided to stay there and help my family, especially my 2 brothers still in high school, transition to our “new normal”.

My birth team was 45 minutes away and since my active labor with my first daughter was only 2 hrs, everyone was afraid of missing it. At the end of my pregnancy, my platelet count was under 100 and I was GBS+, so we made plans to have antibiotics at the beginning of labor, and a shot of Pitocin as soon as she arrived to help prevent hemorrhage. In light of these extra risk factors, it was even more important that my team makes it before birth. Ideally 4+ hrs before, for the antibiotics to be most effective.

I started having a lot of Braxton hicks the morning of August 31st which is her daddy’s birthday. My midwife came and checked me and I was a 3. We started antibiotics just in case and then she headed off to lunch. After lunch I was a 4 and again we waited. At dinner time I was a 5-6 and still wasn’t having “real” contractions. I had my second shot of antibiotics at 7 and I decided to have my water broken at 8.

Active labor hit at 8:30 and it was intense, much more intense than my first. I knew it was because we broke my water but it was the right decision for me this time. Everyone was there that I wanted there, my birth tub was full and warm and I didn’t need to worry about having more antibiotics or missing the Pitocin after the birth.

Abigail arrived at 11:19 PM right into the middle of the biggest emotional storm of my life.

Her arrival was like passing through the eye of a storm; calming peace before the next wave. We moved back to Tennessee a month later to our home still being remodeled. Another month later my 19 yr old brother in California died. Through all of this, my husband and I are grateful to be working with a counselor doing some deep inner healing and transforming our marriage.

In the midst of all of this, I cannot describe the amount of peace and comfort that I feel. I am being cradled into Father God’s arms and I am watching this transformation and life grow in ground scorched with grief and pain. I am experiencing my Father like never before. I don’t know who needs to hear this but your birth can be beautiful and peaceful in the midst of a massive storm. God is enough and you are enough.

I also posted the story of my supernatural first birth on this site.

Christi Schutz

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