This is Me.

I’m easy-going, fun, spontaneous, stubborn, ESFP, type 9. I love empowering women to be who they were created to be in every area of life. I’m a classic birth junkie, photographer, mom of three, health nut, art major, and Certified birth doula, CD(DONA).

This is my family.

We make some pretty good-lookin’ kids, right? They keep us on our toes all day long! I had supernaturally pain-free births at home with all three (I warned you I was crunchy, didn’t I?) and all three births were unique, just like their personalities.

How it all Began...

I was pregnant with my first child in 2012, and like most moms, I was afraid of the pain of childbirth.

Horror stories from my friends didn’t help….

I knew there had to be a better way. Call me stubborn or incessantly curious, but the idea that birth had to be painful just did not line up with who I knew my Creator to be.  Why would a good Father design my body to experience pain and trauma in labor? Was I still under the curse from the fall? I had so many questions!

Why would a good Father design my body to experience pain and trauma in labor?

I found Jackie Mize’s book, Supernatural Childbirth, and discovered that pain free birth was possible. I went on a hunt for pain-free birth stories, and over the course of the next several years, countless women told me their stories of pain-free birth! I became obsessed, reading books like Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, and many others. I moved from fear, anxiety, and confusion, to excitement and fascination about what my body was capable of.

In March of 2013, I had my first all natural, pain-free, joy-filled birth (I’m talking, laughing-at-8-cm kind of birth)! I was so excited, I even blurted out “I’m having fun!” In the middle of active labor. It was so transformational in my life, it lit a passion in me to tell other women just how good birth could be. I certified as a doula, aka birth coach, to support and empower women in labor and had two other pain free births.

Over years of working with women from all different backgrounds and beliefs, I discovered that pain free birth is not only possible, it is teachable. I designed this course with everything I have learned over the last 6 years, jam-packed with practical tools and spiritual insight, on how to have a supernatural, pain free, joy-filled birth.