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An 8-Week Group Coaching Program
+ One Year Private membership Community
+ Access to the Pain Free Birth E-course
…All designed to prepare you for most beautiful and difficult transition of your life!

  • Are you feeling the call of God to go deeper in this birth and looking for MORE?
  • Are you wondering if this “pain-free” thing could really work for YOU?
  • Are you feeling scared, confused or overwhelmed by all the information out there and wondering if you’re prepared for birth?
  • Do you know your previous birth trauma is holding you back, but you’re not sure how to process and release it
  • Are you nervous your birth will be sabotaged by the “Cascade of Interventions”?
  • Do you desire, deep, real and vulnerable connection with women in the same season of life as you?

Get the coaching and support you need to break free from FEAR for good, step into your POWER and experience a supernaturally JOYFUL birth!

If you’re looking for your TRIBE, Girl, you found it!

VIP Membership Includes:

  • Full Access to Pain Free Birth E-Course 
  • 1 Year Access to the PFB Membership Group Moderated by Karen 
  • WEEKLY Live Group Coaching Calls with Karen
    Tuesday Evening at 8 – 9:30 pm EST. for 8 weeks
    (Calls are recorded for those that can’t participate live.)
  • Personal Small Group with coach
  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques and practice
  • Labor Positions – Labor Practice
  • Pain Reducing techniques
  • How to Advocate for yourself live role play 
  • Birth Plan Review
  • Weekly Q & A and Live Coaching
  • Ongoing support in your pregnancy and postpartum journey!


  • MASTERCLASS: Healing Birth Trauma, Aug 24, 8 pm EST
    How to heal birth trauma with LIVE coaching and trauma clearing exercises
  • Birth Stories Gathering: Saturday, Sept 11th, 1pm-2:30pm EST
    Sharing positive, empowering or pain free birth stories for encouragement 
    (Bonus calls are also recorded)

Class Schedule

Aug 3:

Module: “What’s in Your Bag?”
‘Fear is not your Friend’
Exercise: Fear Release

Aug 10:

Module: “The Magic of Oxytocin”
Masterclass: Physiological Birth
Exercise: Deep Relaxation and Visualization in labor

Aug 17:

Module: “Supernatural Pregnancy”
Pain Free Pregnancy, Healing the Mother wound and reclaiming our Wild Spirit.
Exercise: Reconnecting to your Body

Aug 24: Healing Birth Trauma Masterclass

Module: “Mastering Pain” (How to have a pain free contraction every time)
Bonus Masterclass: Healing Birth Trauma, what causes it, and how to take your power back
Exercise: Releasing Stored Trauma from the Body

Aug 31:

Modules: “Mastering Pushing”
How to use breath to push
Exercise: Using breath to push, unlocking deeper states of consciousness

Sept 7:

Module: “Third Stage of Labor + Bonding in the Womb”
Protecting the Mother-Baby Dyad
Exercise: Connecting with Baby in the Womb

Sept 14:

Modules: “Pain Free Birth in a Hospital” and “What to do When Your Perfect Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan”
Exercise: Role-play! How to advocate for yourself

Sept 21:

Modules: “Birthing in the Glory” and “For the Dads”
Masterclass with Birth Partners: Masculine and Feminine Energy in Birth
Exercise: Labor practice with positions


I work with limited number of women 1:1 every month by application only.

I help women like you, at any stage of motherhood, clarify your needs, get in tune with your truest self, heal trauma and break destructive patters so you can slay #momlife

I specialize in:
Birth Trauma
Advocating for yourself
Pre-Pregnancy- removing fears and blockages
Unexplained infertility- healing spiritual roots
Postpartum- support for PPD, PPA, breastfeeding

“Motherhood is designed to trigger you, so you can heal yourself, heal your children and heal every woman around you.”
-Karen Welton

You can thrive in pregnancy and postpartum. Sometimes it takes a little extra support to find yourself again.

Your triggers are your greatest invitation to healing!

1:1 Coaching is by application only. Click below to apply now.

“I didn’t know it was possible to have a birth experience that you can actually ENJOY! I didn’t realize how much power I had over my birth story. Karen gave me the confidence and courage to change providers at 36 weeks and have the beautiful home birth that the Lord placed in my heart – As a NICU RN, this was HUGE for me!! Karen showed me how to connect to the heart of my baby. This was a game changer. Fear left my body and mind. From then on I was able to accept peace and what the Lord spoke over me and my birth. Karen encouraged and supported the us every step of the way and we became a birth family for those weeks! The TRIBE was there when I asked for prayer. The TRIBE was there on my good days and my bad days. It was an amazing experience and an honor to be in the group and connecting with other women who want the same thing and. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in myself” 

-Jamie C.

“If you want to feel confident, empowered, and fully READY for labor & delivery, you NEED to take this program! It will fully prepare you against fear, pain, the cascade of interventions, & naysayers head on. If your mental & emotional health is important to you, then the money you spend to invest in this program is worth every cent. I have zero regrets participating in this program and have learned INVALUABLE information that has quite literally changed the course of my life. Even my husband is now filled with confidence to support me as well!”

-Tawnie B.

“I’m a first time mom and before I had my baby, birth terrified me. I didn’t think I could do it. I did the full package and it was worth every penny! After her course/mentorship, I felt well equipped for birth. In fact, Karen’s resources were the only birthing classes I took and they taught me everything I needed to know about the physical and practical side of pregnancy and labor, but also the spiritual side which other classes don’t touch on. I wound up birthing at home almost completely pain free (the pain I did have was super manageable. Hurt like stubbing your toe). Through the private coaching, I also had INCREDIBLE personal breakthrough in the areas of self confidence and personal worth. Seriously the best experience of my life. What Karen offers is worth it.”

-Kayla H.

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