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An 8-Week Group Coaching Program
+ One Year Private membership Sisterhood
+ Access to the Pain Free Birth E-course
…All designed to prepare you for most beautiful and difficult transition of your life!

Are you feeling the call of God to go deeper in this birth?
Are you desiring MORE than just a vaginal birth, but an ecstatic, empowering, supernatural, experience?
Are you wondering if this “pain-free” thing could really work for YOU?
Are you feeling scared, confused or overwhelmed by all the information out there and wondering if you’re prepared for birth?
Do you know your previous birth trauma is holding you back, but you’re not sure how to process and release it?
Are you nervous your birth will be sabotaged by the “Cascade of Interventions”?
Are you just as concerned about preparing for Postpartum as you are birth?
Do you desire, deep, real and vulnerable connection with Faith-based women in the same season of life as you?

Get the coaching and support you need to break free from FEAR for good, step into your POWER and experience a supernaturally JOYFUL birth!

If you’re looking for your TRIBE, Girl, you found it!

VIP Membership Includes:

  • Pain Free Birth E-Course 
  • 1 Year Access to the PFB TRIBE Members Only Group Moderated by Karen 
  • WEEKLY Live Group Coaching Calls with Karen
    Tuesday Evening at 8 pm EST. Calls are recorded for those that can’t participate live and schedule may change based on member needs. 8 weeks from April 27 – June 15.
  • And much more!

Class Schedule

April 27:

Module: “What’s in Your Bag?”
Introductions and Group Coaching
Exercise: Fear Release

May 4:

Module: “The Magic of Oxytocin”
Exercise: Using Deep Relaxation and Visualization in labor

May 11:

Module: “Supernatural Pregnancy”
Exercise: Reconnecting to your Body,
How to release trauma from the body

May 18:

Module: “Mastering Pain” (How to have a pain free contraction every time)
Exercise: Connecting our feminine energy in labor.
Breathwork: Healing the Mother wound and reclaiming our Wild Spirit.

May 25:

Modules: “Mastering Pushing” and “Birthing in the Glory”
Activation: Positions for pushing
Exercise: Using breath to push, unlocking deeper states of consciousness

June 1:

Modules: “Pain Free Birth in a Hospital” and “What to do When Your Perfect Plan Doesn’t go Perfectly According to Plan”
Exercise: Roleplay, how to advocate for yourself

June 8:

Module: “Bonding in the Womb”
Exercise: How to open the door for a supernatural connection with your baby.

June 15:

Modules: “Just for the Dad’s” and “Positions in labor” (Birth Partners welcome!)
Exercise: Labor practice! Plus, masculine and feminine energy in labor


I work with limited number of women 1:1 every month by application only.

I help women like you, at any stage of motherhood, clarify your needs, get in tune with your truest self, heal trauma and break destructive patters so you can slay #momlife

I specialize in:
Birth Trauma
Pregnancy- all topics
Pre-Pregnancy- removing fears and blockages
Unexplained infertility- healing spiritual roots
Postpartum- support for PPD, PPA, breastfeeding

“Motherhood is designed to trigger you, so you can heal yourself, heal your children and heal every woman around you.”
-Karen Welton

You can thrive in pregnancy and postpartum. Sometimes it takes a little extra support to find yourself again.

Your triggers are your greatest invitation to healing!

Limited Time Offer: First 90-min session only $297 

“I had no idea you did coaching! Our group call was AMAZING! Holy Spirit was using you so powerfully. I am so thankful that short time you took with me, I got massive breakthrough. I am going to process it even more. I know I will emerge with so much hope and joy heading into this labor. I CAN’T WAIT!”
-Meghan H.

“After our group coaching call, I realized I’ve been holding onto disappointment and fear from my first pregnancy. When we all took a quiet moment together to surrender everything to God, I took a moment to forgive myself. It opened the door to new trust in God and the way He created my body. Thank you for helping me reach that breakthrough, Karen! I truly feel ‘lighter’ today and that is because I have less baggage to handle. ”

-Lisa W.

 My whole life, I believed that childbirth was painful and that’s just the way it was. I never knew anything else about it. But when I heard you speak then, it changed my mindset and I knew I could believe for something different!

– Mary Beth A.

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