First-Time Mom’s Unmedicated Hospital Birth With GD

“I always said I didn’t know if I would have kids because I was so afraid of childbirth… When I stumbled across @painfreebirth, it was the first time I felt like ‘maybe I can do that.’”
Hillary Stevens (@Hilllldot)


“Soon after, I got pregnant. I dove into Karen’s posts and finally decided to sign up for her e-course. I went with midwifery care through my local hospital and decided to try for an unmedicated birth.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 32 weeks and immediately began hearing words like induction, big baby, etc. When I went over my due date, an induction was scheduled. 

I prayed that my baby would come on his own and told him over and over that if he would do his part, I would do mine to give him the birth he deserved. 

I had almost accepted that this calm birth wasn’t going to happen for me with each day that passed.

I was scheduled for an induction on 1/6/22. I felt my first contraction at midnight on 1/5/22. We followed Karen’s advice and labored at home in bed, breathing through contractions until my water broke at 7:30am. 

8:00am – We arrived at the hospital and I was told I was only 3cm dilated. A midwife I didn’t care for told me to “get used to it” because I would “be here a while.” I was discouraged, but I remembered many stories of labor progressing quickly.

Soon, my contractions were happening one after another, and I began to get overwhelmed. I told my husband “I should be getting a break, why am I not getting a break?” I then felt my body bearing down, and I couldn’t breathe through that next contraction.

I knew what was happening from what I learned in the PFB E-Course. I told my husband, “I’m ready to push. Call the nurse.” He was unconvinced and said, “The nurse said she will be back in 5 minutes.” I told him, “I can’t wait that long!”

When the nurse returned, I could tell she didn’t believe me either, but she checked me anyway. After her exam she said, “No wonder you feel you need to push! You’re 10cm.” She called the other midwife who was much more calm and reassuring. 

I was asked what position I wanted to be in, and I moved to my knees with arms draped over the back of the bed. 

I pushed for about 25 minutes with minimal coaching from the midwife and lots of support from my husband.

10:27 am – 2.5 hours after arriving at the hospital at 3 cm, my 7lb 9oz baby boy, Theodore, was born completely medication free! I never even got the chance to hang my affirmations or try the tub for pain management, but I’m not complaining!

My contractions and delivery were not 100% pain-free, but it was much more manageable than I had imagined. All my family couldn’t believe I didn’t have an epidural, and my husband loves to tell anyone and everyone how amazing our birth was. He attributes it all to my preparation, knowledge, and trust in my body. I wouldn’t have any of those things without Karen and the Pain Free Birth community she has created.”


Hillary’s story is a perfect example of how birth is about so much more than pain…

It’s about taking back your power, and owning your God-given ability to birth.

It’s about reconnecting to your body as a long-lost friend rather than a constant enemy.

It’s about looking forward to childbirth with joy, expectation, and confidence rather than believing the lies that you are broken and birth is to be feared.

It’s taking the risk to trust and surrender, even when the outcome is uncertain.

It’s about KNOWING your body was made for this.

 It’s what women do.

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