Melissa’s Supernatural Spirit-Filled Homebirth Chronicled by Worship Songs

I always wanted to have a homebirth with my first two, but I was influenced by our society’s narrative that it’s “not safe” and had two hospital births.”

This isn’t just a chronicle of labor events, it’s a testimony of God’s power, protection and peace. There is something so holy and sacred about bringing another life into the world. During labor the veil between this world and the spiritual one is so thin.”
– PFB Student, Melissa Cubberley

“One day, while kneeling on my bedroom floor praying and begging God for clarity, I closed my eyes and saw my tub bathed in light from the window above. I went into my bathroom and touched my tub and felt the most amazing peace wash over me, shaking and crying tears of joy! I asked God what he wanted for this birth and heard him say, “I want you to meet me here ”.

At 35 weeks we made the switch to a midwife and began planning our homebirth. The Pain Free Birth E-course was so incredibly helpful in preparing my mind and heart for this experience. 

At 4:30am I got up and realized the pressure was getting stronger and coming in waves every few minutes. I still had intense body aches and chills since testing positive for C*vd two days prior. I was praying so hard that labor would hold off because I felt so weak… For a second I thought, “not today, God” but suddenly I had supernatural strength and felt at peace with bringing our baby into the world.

5:30am – My husband came into the bathroom to see me leaning over the counter and breathing. He sat with me and timed contractions. “They’re less than 5 minutes apart, I’m not risking it, I’m calling the midwife!”, he said. 

6:00am – My bff/doula Haley and the midwives arrived. I felt such a relief that it was all happening. Contractions were coming every 2-3 mins. A few surges that were painful because someone asked me something which broke my concentration, but mostly I was able to go inward and breathe through them using the techniques I learned in the course.

6:30am – “Good Shepherd”- Upperroom
I buried my face in Andy’s shoulder or in the pillow on the bed and I just tried to let my whole body go limp. I kept repeating the word “surrender” and tried to keep my face and jaw loose, and my palms open. I was able to smile and laugh between surges, so thankful for the chance to experience God in this sacred way again. “Good Shepherd” was the first song on my labor playlist, and it will always be so special to me. I remember leaning over the bed singing, “Faithful you are, faithful you’ll be forever” with my palms open, tears running down, a smile on my face.

7:00am – “Pieces”- Amanda Cook
I went more inward. The intensity of the surges had me breathing deeper and feeling the pressure and wanting to bear down. The midwife asked if I’d like to get into the bath and that sounded wonderful. I got in and felt my body just relax and I was so thankful. I stayed on my knees and leaned over the edge of the tub. Andy gave me a cold washcloth for my forehead and I remember leaning over the edge singing, “You don’t give your heart in pieces, You don’t hide yourself to tease us”.

7:30am – “Promises”- Maverick City Music
My body started bearing down and the fetal ejection reflex was beginning to kick in. I wasn’t trying to push, I was just breathing and letting my body take over. The surges were getting so intense and I was starting to vocalize. I was really working hard to keep my voice low and steady, resisting the urge to tense up and yell. The lyrics “I put my faith in Jesus, my anchor to the ground. My hope and firm foundation, He’ll never let me down.” kept repeating and that really gave me something to focus on and helped me stay grounded.

7:35am – “On the Altar”- Upper Room
During one of the surges my body bore down and I felt a pop as my water broke. I was nauseous and knew that meant I was in transition. It was wild not knowing my dilation at all. I’m so thankful for a midwife who trusted me without ever checking for dilation.

7:45am- “Build My Life”- Maverick City
The sun was coming through the bathroom window and I realized that the vision I had was actually happening. The surges were coming on top of each other. I thanked God for his strength and promises for me.

8:00am – “Champion”- Dante Bowe
During the next surge I felt my baby descend into the birth canal. I grunted out, “It’s coming”. The midwife came over and told me to just keep breathing. Andy told me to relax into his shoulder. I started panting and reached down to feel my baby’s head. 

Just then I felt his head come out. I heard Andy say “You did it!” and with the next breath out, I felt a huge release and he was born right into Andy’s arms! Andy handed him to me. His eyes were wide open and he had a head full of dark hair! He was just staring up at us with his little arms out. 

We were just so happy he was finally here.”

Wow. I have chills. I am in awe of how this mama trusted God’s plan for her birth, even making a last minute switch to home birth at 35 weeks! Sis, you can trust God with the details of your birth.

He sees you.
He cares.
He wants to give you the desires of your heart. 

To learn more about God’s supernatural design for birth, check out Module 7 – “Birthing in the Glory” in the Pain Free Birth E-Course! You CAN have a joyful and spirit-filled birth!

Did you know PFB has a perfectly curated birth playlist on Spotify? This extensive playlist is a compilation of worship songs of all styles suggested by fellow PFB mama’s!


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