PFB Student’s Supernatural Pain Free Birth Story

“I had two unmedicated, natural births. The first one was full of fear and pain and left me traumatized. The second one was joyful, pain-free, and empowering. Both births were at the same birthing clinic with a midwife and doula; the difference was taking the PFB E-Course by Karen.” – Kendall V. (@muffinthecute)


Not once did I feel pain. I followed my body’s every move. Here’s the story of my pain-free birth experience:

At 39+3 at 10:15pm, mild contractions began, and I concentrated on breathing and relaxing every muscle.

4:00am – We arrived at the birth center, and I consented to be checked: 4-5cm dilated. We were laughing and joking around, and I was enjoying every moment. I alternated between standing and sitting on a birthing ball. We even went for a walk by the lake.

8:00am – We could sense my contractions weren’t getting stronger. I was still 5 cm. My midwife gently suggested breaking my water. I trusted her and agreed.

I knew things were about to get real intense, real quick. It wasn’t long before I had to really focus through each one. My doula squeezed my hips – I was ACING it, staying focused and relaxed. 

 8:30am – The team fully supported my instincts! I got in the tub, and it felt like heaven. Before long, I transitioned with surges roaring. I used breathing techniques from the course and could feel her move down the birth canal.

Then, I had a moment of fear that I wasn’t going to make it through this phase or even push her out.

I asked my husband to pray and felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to be grateful. Between surges, I spoke words of gratefulness for God’s goodness and faithfulness. Learning about gratefulness from the PFB course really stuck with me. I even remember briefly praying in tongues.  

As my husband prayed, I had a release of fear that was replaced by courage and God’s grace to birth my baby. I re-committed to birthing my baby.

8:46am – While on my knees in the bath with my arms wrapped around my husband’s neck, I focused on breathing my baby down. 

Her head soon touched my perineum, and 3 surges later, while pushing through the ring of fire, her head was born – about 8 minutes of pushing!

My midwife then prompted me into the runner’s position, and with the next surge, I pushed the rest of her body out. I couldn’t believe it was over so fast. I was in awe of what my body achieved so easily and instinctively!

 They put her on my chest, and I felt so overwhelmingly grateful, praising God for what he did. He was so faithful despite all my fears throughout pregnancy, especially after my first birth experience (I pushed for 1.5 hours and had placenta retention). 

 The golden hour was golden indeed – something I didn’t experience with my first. Afterward, I was walking around filled with tears of joy. What an empowering and surreal experience. Not once did I feel pain. Transition was intense, but not painful. I was so ecstatic about my pain-free birth that I wrote my story down 3 hours later because I didn’t want to forget a thing!

The Pain Free Birth Course showed me:

  1. A pain-free birth is possible and actually quite normal.
  2. What a physiological birth is.
  3. How to prepare for birth.
  4. Labor and pushing techniques – breathing and relaxing (mind/body/spirit)
  5. A pain-free birth is my portion, nothing less.


Kendall’s story is so special. Not just because it’s her story,  but is so many other PFB students’ stories, too. Birth is a rite of passage for women: a uniquely feminine experience that produces the strength and selflessness required in motherhood.

It’s the Hero’s Journey:

  • Traumatic, disempowering first birth
  • The journey of healing and overcoming fear
  • Trusting God for a better birth experience
  • Facing your mountain
  • Overcoming self-doubt and stepping into your power
  • The ecstatic JOY and goodness of God

Sis, you get to be the hero of your birth story, too! You get to write your own story.


I created the Pain Free Birth E-Course to show women how powerful they really are! 

Prepare for YOUR birth with the tools you need now.

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