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December 19, 2019

Catriona’s Birth Story

God is ridiculously amazingly surprisingly perfect. This is the birth story of our cheeky, gorgeous gal Kira Rose Minh Le! Born 26th March 2019 at 12:19 pm.

On Monday night, the 25th, I noticed the Braxton hicks I’d been having here and there, get a little stronger and more regular. Having had a long and painful labor with my first, I brushed this aside and started thinking “Ok, maybe the baby will come in the next couple of days…”

We went to bed as normal, and that night I slept horribly – waking every few hours to pace around the room to walk off the pain/discomfort I was having. (Disclaimer – pretty sure these were contractions!) Hubby and I woke up about 6:30 am and were talking about what date we liked the sound of, thinking our little girl would come in the next few days. Hubby went off to work as usual, and I and my 2yr old started our day relatively normally. Except… I had to stop every five minutes to breathe, clench my fists, slowly count to 20…. and then get back to what I was doing. It wasn’t until 9 am that it occurred to me to start timing these waves of pain (yes, pain – but manageable pain! I trusted in God and my body). They were 1.5minutes long and about 3 minutes apart…so I rang my midwife.

My call went straight to her voicemail – so I thought she must be busy. No stress, I’m seeing her at 11 am for our scheduled appt anyway, I’ll be fine until then.

My mum rang shortly after, asking if my son and I wanted to go out to the music group we usually go to. It was this moment that it occurred to me I couldn’t focus on doing something like that – I must be in labor! So my mum came around, watched my son, and hurriedly called my husband because apparently she could tell things were moving pretty quickly!

Sure enough, I had to get in the bath to find my zen and breathe through each wave. My husband tried to ring me and see how I was, but I just couldn’t focus on anything other than my body and the life inside me that was wanting to come out! So hubby came home, rang the midwife, and she urged us to get down to the birthing unit. She arranged for her backup midwife to meet us, as she had to call and rearrange her clinic for the morning. Well, my husband being a typical guy took ages fluffing around to make sure we had everything – then even stopped off on the way to drop off the recycling!

So by the time we actually got to the birthing unit, it was close to 12 pm. I couldn’t walk because of the huge pressure I could feel down there – and when I met my midwife in the carpark and told her this, her eyes flashed a look of “we gotta move or this baby will come out in the carpark”???? she had a wheelchair thank goodness, and quickly wheeled me upstairs, got me up on the bed and had a quick check – I was 9cm dilated! This blew my mind, I had thought I had a long, painful road ahead of me!

She told me to get in the bath (thank goodness they had it ready to go), so I stripped and did just that! The first wave of contractions I went a bit primal and yelled a lot. My lovely midwife suggested that for the next one, I focus that primal energy downwards… which did wonder! I remember leaning back in the water and pushing down with everything I had, with this huge sensation that I was floating – in pain, but at peace and in control.

It only took roughly 2 more of those contractions (with some gas!) before my midwife said she could see her head “I could plait that hair!” Then one last push and our beautiful girl arrived! My husband was crying and I was in shock, relief and absolute awe! What a contrast to my first birthing experience, it was phenomenal! And all thanks to this amazing group – I was able to trust that God had his hand over me and our girl and trust completely that my body knew exactly what it was doing. I even felt (relatively) amazing afterward – literally like I had given birth a week prior not a few hours!

Catriona Le

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