Divine Intervention and Speedy Hospital Birth

December 18, 2019

Grace’s Birth Story

My previous births were all preterm babies, and I was afraid this one would be too. Prodromal labor began at 34 weeks. I dilated to 3.5, effaced and dropped quite a bit. Thankfully, Holy Spirit took over the situation and stalled labor long enough to protect the birth I desired. I could never have imagined the empowering experience ahead of me.

I made it to 38.5 weeks! I had a really upset tummy for a few days and I think all the “cleaning out” (sorry for the visual. Lol!) kick-started labor. My contractions were inconsistent all day on Thursday (as per usual with Prodromal labor), so I didn’t really think I was in labor yet.

Thursday evening, around 5:45 PM, I had thought I felt my water break, but I wasn’t sure. It felt like a leak rather than a gush. The only thing that really tipped me off was that every time I had a contraction, it would leak. I decided to take a shower to see if that stalled the contractions. As soon as I stepped out of the shower I felt the “gush”. We packed up my three toddlers and headed to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 7:30 pm. Contractions are about 3 minutes apart at this point and I’m tolerating them well, using the techniques I learned. My doula and husband and mom were my support team. They were absolutely incredible. As things became more intense, I leaned on them more than I realized I would.

Only an hour had passed and I was really starting to doubt myself. The contractions were SO intense, I began to question how long I could labor on because I was already completely depleted (due to tummy issues). I asked for an epidural just after 9 pm. My doula suggested getting into the tub and if I still wanted an epidural after a bath, we’d get one. I agreed.

She’s readying the bath, I’m trying to find a way to get down from the bed (I was squatting/leaning backward over the top of the bed during this point). As soon as my feet hit the floor, a strong contraction hit, knocking me to my knees. I grabbed onto the side of the bed and squatted deep into the floor. At the same moment, I felt the need to push- HARD. In my mind, it was too soon. I couldn’t possibly be ready to push the baby out? I had only been there for an hour and a half.

I abandoned all critical thinking and went with my body’s cues. I pushed with all my might, roaring from deep within myself. I felt so powerful and primal and took control of my body and birth. Letting go of reason and becoming one with my body was the most empowering experience of my life. One long push and I lowered my hand to feel her head fall fast into my hands.

My birth team was completely unaware that my baby was coming out at that moment. I managed to whisper “Baby is coming” to my doula. My mom saw my hand and followed it. “The baby! The baby is coming out!” Mama bear took over and she got all of the nurses rushing in within seconds. There was so much rush and business as the lights turned on and rubber gloves were snapping and flying all around the room.

They kept telling me to get on the bed, but I just couldn’t move. I was in the exact position I wanted to be into birth, my baby. After a minute I let them help me on the bed (upside down with my feet at the headboard) and after one more big push, she was out!

I can’t tell you just how amazing it felt to catch the head of my own baby. We had a moment where no one in that room knew what was happening except her and me. She was talking to me, through her birth, and my body was responding instinctually. It was so supernatural.

Looking back over the night, I was able to see myself in each stage of labor, but it was all within a 3-hour window. Superfast, super intense, but the most rewarding experience of my life. My previous births were all different and beautiful in their own way, but this one was my favorite. I walk away knowing that Holy Spirit empowered me to become completely one with myself in her most powerful and primal state. Is there anything more amazing?

Meadow is perfect and fully alive. Our golden hour (interrupted slightly in the beginning because she was a bit “stunned” after delivery) was perfect. We are healthy and thriving. I had NO tearing even though I had a fast, precipitous labor and second stage.

Supernatural birth is possible for EVERY woman and it looks different for everyone! Thank you, Karen Welton, for being the biggest catalyst in me finding the truth about birth. I cannot express how grateful I am! Thank you to everyone who has prayed. I am a whole new and powerful woman because of this experience! I feel like a mama lion! 

Grace Patton Carey
Meadow Iris Carey 5/10/18

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