McKayla’s Birth Story

December 17, 2019

I prayed, “I would like me to deliver my baby now quickly, painlessly, and without any complications” – McKayla Vanderpool

Starting from the beginning, It was Friday, one day before my due date when my contractions started at roughly 10 am. They felt like my first birth’s Braxton Hicks, just stomach tightening, which continued all day. They ranged from 5 minutes apart to 30 minutes apart, so I stayed at work until I was off around 3:30 pm. I had been keeping my husband up to date all day. 

My coworkers would just laugh at me when I said I was having contractions. They’d say things like, “Why aren’t you going home?”, “You’re seriously having contractions and talking to me right now?” “Girl, you’re crazy!” I simply responded with “Yep, I know!” and just chuckled. When I got home, my husband and I cleaned up a bit, figured out what our evening plans were, and talked about how we hoped this was it. As time went on, I became sure that the baby would be birthed within the next 24-48hrs. I let my midwife know around 7 pm that there may possibly be something happening but nothing was serious; she wanted a heads up because she wanted to be able to go to bed early. She told me to relax and to go to bed early too.

I listened to her advice, and I SLEPT through my contractions! I woke up to a one really strong contraction and had to go to the restroom around 4 am and thought maybe I should call my midwife; I thought to myself… naaa I’ll go back to sleep, which I did. I then woke up at my normal time of 6 am with my husband, still having contractions! I decided to call at 7 am, my midwife asked if she had time to get ready and finish her chores. I said that was perfectly fine and she had time. She arrived at 8:30 am, checked me at about 8:45 am and I was already dilated to 9cm!!! We then sat and WAITED until noon! 

We just sat in our bedroom, talked, laughed, I sat on the birth ball and stretched a little. It seemed as if nothing was really happening. I was having some contractions but they were 10-20min apart again. This continued until noon, but about 15 minutes prior I quietly walked to the bathroom to say a couple of affirmations and pray. I said, “God, I don’t want my midwife to think something is wrong just because I’m 9cm and it doesn’t look like anything is happening. I would like me to deliver my baby now and deliver him quickly, painlessly, and without any complications. I returned to my room, didn’t say anything to my husband or midwife, and just sat on my birth ball. Little did I know at the time, my husband had also prayed at the same time as me. Sure enough, 15 minutes after praying it picked up again and my contractions had finally got somewhat harder and started to take my breath away (no pain though). 

At roughly 12:30 I felt the urge to bear down, so I got off my birth ball and onto my knees. My husband was my amazing support at the front holding my hand to keep my body upright and high enough for my midwife to catch. Unfortunately, I was a bit blocked up though, so I had to “go number 2” if you get what I’m saying. By 12:40 PM that part was over and my water broke. Next, I had two long, continual contractions, and at 12:50 PM my son was born!

My midwife handed my son to me through my legs so that I could turn over and sit down. My husband sat behind me so I could lean back on him. I held my sweet baby boy as I delivered my placenta within about 5 minutes of delivery. We did a delayed cord clamping as well. After all of that, we hopped into the bathtub, and my son nursed right away. The rest of the day was simple and filled with so much joy, even taking visitors within a couple of hours. With the exception of my mom and best friend who kept my daughter company downstairs and took some pictures for us. It was such a surreal experience to deliver my son without pain. My midwife even let me know that I barely even tore, she said it was so small it wasn’t even worth a single stitch. I hope my story can give you ladies hope that you too can have a pain free birth! 

McKayla Vanderpool

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