Pain-Free Homebirth

December 17, 2019

Hibbe’s Birth Story

I live in the Netherlands (where giving birth at home is pretty common) and I gave birth to a son in 2016, and a daughter in 2019. When I was pregnant with my son I got to know the book Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. It helped to prepare myself mentally, yet I did not feel secure, knowing that I could trust my body, and confident enough to let that birth be holistic supernatural childbirth. So I went to look in other places too, and I found the book Hypno-birthing. It helped me in those areas but I also kept it at a distance because I didn’t know if the source was okay to use as a Christian. Later, in my second pregnancy, I was thrilled to find out that Karen uses both (and more) books and makes them fit together!

Anyway, with my first birth, I had a great awesome pregnancy, where we flew halfway across the world at 7 months, and we took mountain hikes and enjoyed every bit of pregnancy. Two days before my due date my waters broke but my contractions did not come. So after 48 hours, I had to go to the hospital, which I really did not want to, to induce my labors. It went okay the first couple of hours/centimeters. Later, it became really intense and I did not like being stuck on the monitor. I felt like it was cutting off my freedom. Though it went well and it was natural childbirth with no big complications, it was not pain-free. I knew it could be better.

For my second birth, I got to know Karen’s videos. I had a wonderful pregnancy with hardly any symptoms except a little morning sickness the first few months, and a growing belly :-). The day before I was due I started to feel regular contractions very early in the morning. I felt so relaxed but was wondering if we really had everything in the house. My contractions became stronger, and I had to pause when they came, but I had to get out of the house. So we (me, my partner and my son) took the bike and went to the stores to find the last minute items I thought we needed. I remember going to the library to switch books for my oldest, and pausing every 7-10 minutes or so to breathe out the contraction. My contractions became stronger on our bike ride back home. I had to wait sometimes using the pedals on my bike, so I went from fast to slow–to fast to slow again. It was pretty funny to have those contractions on the bike with nobody besides my husband knowing!

My mom came to pick up my son around 7 pm. I did not know whether or not to call the midwife. So we decided to watch some of Karen’s videos since I did not yet see them all! Around 8 pm my contractions already had a duration of around 50sec to a minute, but I was not sure if I should call since they did not feel that painful. Maybe it would be a false alarm? From how I was feeling I could not sleep, but giving birth could be the next day or so. My contractions started to be more intense after my son left, probably because I could feel the time and space to relax. We continued listening to the videos, and during one contraction I heard Karen say something about becoming soft and flexible. I immediately took that in. After implementing those thoughts I found that the contractions actually were not painful at all but just something my body was doing to get ready for birth! I could sail on them and let them take me. My husband suggested calling the midwife around 9:45 PM. At 10:15 PM she arrived and checked me at 10:45 PM. I was dilated at 6 cm. Precisely then, my water broke and we saw the baby pooped in it. Standard procedure was going to the hospital (which I did not want to), but a minute later my pushing contractions came, so we could not go anymore. This last phase of pushing took me by surprise since I did not feel any urge to push with my firstborn. This time around I could not resist the primal force to push and at 11:15 PM our beautiful daughter was born.

Looking back, it was amazing and thrilling. I could trust my body to do what it was designed for and steer my thoughts to get in line with it. Thank you, Karen, for gathering so much information on this topic and combining it, lining it up with the word of God.

Hibbe Reek

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