Victory Over Hyperemesis and a 3-Hour, Joyful Birth

December 17, 2019

Leah’s Birth Story

We tried for a year and a half to get pregnant, and after a supernatural conception we found out that we were pregnant with our second child. I had been added to the ‘Pain-Free Childbirth w/ Karen Welton’ group while we were trying to conceive, so while I was pregnant I went through and watched all of her videos again to fully digest all the beauty and wisdom she had to offer. I felt so empowered and excited!

 I knew God could be experienced in the labor room so I didn’t have fear about giving birth, but I did have a few things I was praying and believing for. The first prayer was that I wouldn’t experience hyperemesis as I had during my first pregnancy. It can end up getting worse with each pregnancy. I also prayed that I would go full term and that my placenta would come out on its own with no complications or hemorrhaging. As I got closer to the delivery date I decided to be bolder by asking God for a 3-hour labor that would be both painless and full of joy. 

I can say I fully enjoyed being pregnant with my daughter! I did go to weekly chiropractic visits to help prevent my body from going into prodromal (early) labor. I did not have hyperemesis or preterm labor like I had during my first pregnancy! 

At exactly 39 weeks and 5 days, I hadn’t had any contractions yet, but I woke up and thought, “today would be a beautiful day to have a baby.”  I had VERY mild cramping that whole afternoon and evening. Also, that afternoon, my son told my husband that he wanted to buy me flowers. He had never said that before and buying flowers isn’t a thing my husband normally does. Up to that point, we didn’t know the gender, but our son is prophetic and the name we picked if it turned out to be a girl had to do with flowers, so this was a sure sign for me that we were having a girl and that she was coming soon. 

I had some minimal bleeding that afternoon after a chiropractic appointment, but after calling into our hospital I told them I didn’t feel worried. I texted my husband while he was at work that maybe it was a good sign and meant our baby would be coming in a week or so since I thought I was finally experiencing my body gearing up for labor. 

 When I climbed into bed that night I told God that I was okay if the baby wanted to come that night and then told the baby that he/she had to wait until daddy came home. I still had the mild cramping when my husband came home and when he walked into our room he put his hand on my belly and prayed over me and I had a long contraction. 

At 11:33 that night, there was absolutely no pain but I could feel the wave of each contraction as they came 1 minute apart. My husband thought we should head to the hospital right away but I didn’t feel the urgency since they had just started. 

About 20 minutes later, the contractions hadn’t slowed down, but there was still no pain. It just felt like the tension of a good workout, and they felt enjoyable and purposeful. We left for the hospital, and during the drive, we sang Dante Bowe’s song ‘Champion’ over and over and I kept crying from excitement for the delivery.  

We checked into the hospital and they allowed me to push my own wheelchair down to labor and delivery. I was at 6cm when they checked me. The nurses kept laughing at me because I was in no pain and I kept crying about how excited I was! My midwife arrived right after I began involuntarily pushing a little after 2 am. I couldn’t believe my mind was so clear and I was able to have full conversations and laugh and joke.

As soon as it came time to push through, I did get very nervous, so I told my husband I needed him to pray with me.  It was once I allowed those fearful thoughts in that I started to feel the pain of pushing. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me I needed to be the one to remove the fear myself because my husband wasn’t the one going through it. So I huddled hugging my side rail of the bed and I yelled, “I’m not afraid,” over and over until I felt the fear release. 

My husband, with the help of our midwife, was able to help deliver our beautiful daughter at 2:31 am almost 3 hours exactly from my first contraction. A few minutes after the delivery, my placenta came out beautifully and with no complications! I felt even more thankful for our experience after a Christian nurse came into our room the day after the delivery and told us that the nurses were all talking about the labor. She said the nurses in the room could feel that God was there even though none of them were believers! 

 I’m praising Jesus for the honor and gift to carry and bring forth life and for my two miracle children.


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